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Poolbiking Acapulco Treadmill

The POOLTREKKING ACAPULCO is designed for intensive use in swimming pools for group sessions. It can be used for personal training, professional fitness in general and rehabilitation.

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The future of group activities in the pool is definitely turned towards the use of aquatic treadmills. The activity is called POOLTREKKING. The smooth movement of the running belt is propelled by the user himself. The treadmill is extremely stable. Robust, it requires very little maintenance. It can be folded for easy storage out of water.


This aquatic activity is easy, this is the best way to train in the water for everyone. The POOLTREKKING ACAPULCO takes advantage of the water element by offering a mild training, efficient and progressive. Like the rest of our range of aquatic fitness equipment POOLBIKING, using ACAPULCO is easy and safe. By reducing to the minimum the joint impact, walking or aqua jogging is the best way to achieve a cardio workout and stay fit. The combination of the treadmill with the aquabike and/or the elliptical trainer is a solution to offer a full range of aquatic activities for professionals.


The underwater POOLTREKKING ACAPULCO is particularly recommended for professional use (fitness center, spa, spas, hotels). The buoyancy reduces pressure on joints while providing a natural resistance. Thanks to the ACAPULCO treadmill the aquatic exercise is accessible to any user, in group sessions or in a private pool.

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